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For a first animation, that's pretty awesome. LIked the blur effects... Practice a bit more, and you'll make some great stuff. ^_^


It looks good... for something done in one hour.

Ok, the first movie by you I've seen that wasn't a blatent ripoff of someone else's work...

Graphics: 7/10. I've seen worse.
Style: 8/10. It's got a lot of muted colours, with the exception of the bright red gifts.
Sound: 6/10. I've heard worse.
Violence: 0/10. It was for your little brother's birthday, so this is actually a good thing. :)
Interactivity: 1/10. It's got a PLAY button.
Humor: 3/10. Nice dance.
Overall: 5/10. It's so-so.

By the way, about your reply to my review for "I'v Got Some Fallin to Do"... I know German. Thought you might want to know that. :)

10JD responds:

O.K. dann die thats, die so kann ich kühl sind, in deutsches süsses sulute hitler Weibchen schreiben dir


This is a neat Experiment. The music was fittingly creepy (This may be one of the few times circus music creates a creepy atmosphere), the graphics were superb, nothing short of amazing, and I'm complimenting too much. Oh well... This is much better than what I could ever hope to do with flash... I'm not very optimistic... and this is offtopic.

As expected, it's surreal, which is always a plus.

By the way, the red-white-black colour scheme reminded me of the band The White Stripes.


ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:


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Pretty good

The only real problem I can see with this game is that it seems to end just as it starts to get interesting -- adding another 10-20 levels would make this a lot more entertaining.

Nice work.

Great animation, good sound, and it has two of my weirder, ah, interests in it (the horse and cum inflation parts). The only way this could be better is if there was a very messy pull out option/second cumshot after the main event's over. xD


So far I am on the fourth level of this. (The park regulations sign level... "Like a cat/Tied to a stick/That's driven into/Frozen winter sh*t/The ability to laugh at weakness/Calm, fitter happier and more productive..." Yes, I am a major Radiohead fan.) I have to say, the animation, style, all of it comes together to form a very very good game. The guy splashing pan on a canvas is so far my favorite one.

Good job. Perhaps you could make another eventually? ^_^

-RatchetSly (R.S.)

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I remember this game. :D

Nice remix of the main theme.

Sounds a lot like cutscene music in a Silent Hill game. I like.

Very good, actually

I like the melodies and rythems in this. There's only one thing that I think needs fixing, which is the transitions into and out of the reversed part.

alternativesolution responds:

Yes, I was experimenting..looks like there are mixed opinions on that part :P Thanks!

I had something meaningful in mind for this, but I lost it.

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